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Spooky Racing


Since you are a racing fan and I bet you have heard about Halloween even if you are not among those who actually celebrate it I am sure that you would like to know more about it. And when it comes to playing Halloween theme based games you will better find out about what this holyday is about! What about you start and play racing games and start with Spooky Racing!

The thing that is most fun when you play free car chasing games like Spooky Racing is the fact that it is not a simple driving game, it has a theme and it has a story. An above all of these you will have to fulfill certain targets to pass from one level to another. And also, on your way to victory you will have the opportunity to enhance your final score and your performance by gathering all kinds of magic potions.

While you ride with an absurd speed on the road you have to use the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrow keys to avoid the obstacles that will come on your way and the space bar to jump over big pools of oil. While you are doing this you will also enjoy the thrill this game offers you and you will play racing games which make you laugh and have a good time!