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Desert Race


What do you say about trying something new instead of playing over and over the same old games? Aren’t you tired of the same things? Well… if the answer is ‘’yes’’ I say that you start playing these Mitsubishi racing games at once! 

The game that I have for you now is a special one… it is called Desert Race and I am sure that you have a very clear idea about what will happen from what its title tells you. The story and race circuit of these race games is placed in the middle of the desert.

Desert Race will offer you the opportunity to discover new and interesting scenarios and also put to try your driving shills! 

Don’t you worry because it’s quite easy to play this game – just prepare yourself to use the arrow keys to change the direction and the space bar for the moment when you need to use the hand brake. These Mitsubishi racing games are exactly what you need to have a good time and love this sport even more!