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Fredd Flinstone


I am sure that you had enough of the classical racing games where all that you have to do is race against other cars in a competition usually for the title of champion. Games like this are usually made for fans of this genre… but this time is perfect to try some other kind of game – a racing game that concentrates on having fun! Flinstone racing games are based on the cartoons with the same name.

You will have as a main character Fred Flinstone in a Stone Age car that he has to drive on ice. Use the arrow keys to control the direction he is taking and be careful that he ‘’eats’’ some of the full spoons that you will find on the way – they will speed you up. These supercar racing games are even funnier that a classical driving game.

I am sure that you will have lots of fun and a face full of smiles at the sight of this. Oh… and I almost forgot… you have to finish the race as fast as you can to set your personal record and afterwards have something to fight for beating. These Flinstone racing games are worth playing!