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Adrenaline Supercars


There are games that are worth playing and games that you definitely have to play. At first sight this can seam almost the same thing, but there is actually a big difference. The games that you definitely have to play you will never forget! If you want to play free supercar racing games, Adrenaline Supercars is the one!

As many new car racing games for kids, Adrenaline Supercars is being easily played with the help of your keyboard – and more specific – the arrow keys. These buttons will give you the power to control a very beautiful car on the straightest highway in the world!

All that you have to do is drive as fast as you can on the highway and bump into the target cars which you have to destroy. These cars are signalized and your car won’t be harmed when destroying them. All that you still have to do is play free supercar racing games and see how fast you can fulfill the target that has been set for you!