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Prison Getaway


Prove your driving skills as you race through the prison maze and use your arrow keys to best handle your car in all circumstances. You need to keep your eyes glued to the road and avoid dangerous mines that will only make your car explode. Glide through them and make your own victory path as you also find all the clues and keys you need to complete the challenges.

There are 6 levels of intense prison getaway quests that you need to overcome and successfully complete, in order to move on. Finish all six levels and be not only free, but also the ultimate winner of this amazing racing game. With each level the competition gets tougher, but your skills sharpen even more, so you'll become better and better. So can you handle such a difficult mission? Free driving car prison escape games are super entertaining, making you adrenaline rise. But it's also a great way to prove your passion for driving and your ability to be the best prison escapee ever!