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Supercar Domination


It is time for a competition! There are a lot of race games online, but if you want to play a really nice game that implies challenge and also fun Supercar Domination is the perfect choice for you! Just imagine yourself driving on the streets of your town with an incredible speed, following some cars which you have to destroy…

Each level of these race games you will have to destroy a certain number of cars – that is your target – and in order to win you have to find them. You can recognize them very easy because they are marked with a red circle. These Lamborghini racing games are easy to play using the arrow keys to control the car... and when you have to destroy the opponents just bump into them and destroy their car.

The streets are yours but don’t you forget that you are not invincible… try not to crash into other cars too much because your health will decrease and your car will stop working properly. These race games are best to be played very careful!