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If you want to play one of the BMW racing games, the Driving game would be a very good choice because is very interesting and it also has a theme, just like a story, which makes it more entertaining.

The main idea of the game is that you have to get with your player to the Eiffel Tour completing Frank’s latest job “The Transporter”. You only have to use the left and right arrow keys to dodge the obstacles in the road. You have to pay great attention at the things that appear in front of your car, because some of them are obstacles that you have to avoid, but there are also money bags that you need to collect. The hardest thing on this game is to recognize the obstacles, because they appear from one moment to another and you can’t be sure what they really are and sometimes they prove to be difficult to avoid because you don’t have time to anticipate when they are about to appear. If you constantly hit this objects your car will be damaged and the game is over.

These BMW racing games can help you to improve your driving skills and in time you can become a better driver. This game also tests your intuition, because, as I said before, the obstacles appear in front of you from one moment to another. Some of the objects that you have to avoid are some other cars or animals. There is also a helicopter that flies above the road and shoots bullets into your car. This is another danger that you must avoid on your way to the Eiffel Tour. BMW racing games are challenging and interesting games.

The Driving game is one of the BMW racing games that you can choose to play if you want to develop your driving skills, but there are also other categories of racing games, like Audi racing games would be. The difference between them is, of course, is the car that you are driving, which in the first case is a BMW and in the second one is an Audi.