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Camera Killer


I am sure that all of you who have a driver’s license have been annoyed at least once in your life by the cameras that are planted throughout the streets to register your speed… Well… this is the time to take revenge! What do you say about destroying some cameras while also enjoying some racing games to play! 

Camera Killer is a game that gives each and every player the opportunity to calm down after a hard day’s work and a slow driving home! All that you have to do is use the arrow keys to control the car and drive around and when you see cameras you can shoot at them by pressing the space bar. These racing games to play will bring you 100 points at every shot camera!

Interesting, right? Well… what more can you need from some farm racing games?! The only thing that you have to watch out for is other cars because Camera Killer, just like any other racing games to play, is over if you crash the car too many times… Enjoy!