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Quad Racer


If you are a fan of online quad racing games you will be so happy right now as we prepared for you one that you will never forget! This game is called Quad Racer and you will surely have a lot of good time playing it. If you are, in your real life or in cyber space, a fan of ATVs Quad Racer will now give you the opportunity to drive a fast ATV on a terrain that you will find full of surprises

Quad Racer is a game that you play can play without any additional sweats… in order to control the vehicle you just need to use the keyboard arrows to move back and forth and right / left and, very important, the space bar to perform stunts like jumping. This will help you avoid the obstacles which you will encounter.

Like any other online quad racing games, it has as a main objective finishing the level in good shape. You will also have to be careful because on your way you will have to gather some supplies that will help you when needed, but not everything that looks attractive is good for you, so, avoid the red icons! Also avoid hitting the animals, walls or rocks – they will ruin your vehicle! Try and jump aver them and you will be all right!

Quad Racer is a very interactive and also interesting game as it is so complex… it also has a very good graphic and sound effects that will impress you… this online quad racing games gives you the opportunity to drive your ATV through some rough terrains, putting to try all your skills as an online driver. What do you think? Shall we start a round? 

So, are you ready to perform some impressive stunts and put to try all your driving skills playing these racing driving games to pass every obstacle that comes along? This online quad racing games will challenge like you have never expected. What are you still waiting for? Try it for some minutes and you will instantly become addicted!