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Atomic Supercars


When you are in the mood for some free supercar racing games online you have to keep in mind the game we are about to present to you! It is called Atomic Supercars and you will have the unique opportunity to drive some powerful racing cars! These new car racing games are very challenging and it will be an honor when you see yourself as a winner after these races…

For start we have to present to you the controls used to play free supercar racing games. These controls are quite simple because, when in the game, you don’t have to turn, only to go straight ahead! And for this you only need the space bar to accelerate and the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows to change the gear.

You have to change the gear when the car needs it, and more specific when the tachometer turns red. After you have chosen the car of your dreams and tuned it the way you like you will race two times with the same opponent car and if you win both you can take his car. What else can you ask from free supercar racing games?! This is all you need to have a great time in a race!