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3D Rookie Cop 2


Restless for free police games? Try out the new 3D rookie cop games. Packed with speedways and fast cars this is the new standard in games. The 3d is so real you wont be able to tell the difference. With light glares and realistic fences this game has nailed the minutest details a rookie cop on the road could spot. Are you ready to patrol the highways in your shiny police car? Than jump aboard and get ready for the drive of your life in this realistic 3D game. You will drive past buildings in renovation and finely woven fences and trees so real you cant tell the difference but be weary of oil puddles cause they will send you on the slow lane and keep you there for a long time so avoid them at all costs. Nothing like being stuck in the slow lane. So get out there and quench your first for speed and police cars in this one of a kind 3d rookie cop game.