Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Little Champ


It’s time for some easy racing games kids! Little Champ is a nice and fun driving game that will make you feel like a child again. It doesn’t matter if you like these kind of games or not you can easily start and finish the races here with flying colors.

When it comes to mini kart-racing games you need to know the buttons you have to press to make the car run. Here these keys are the arrows from your keyboard which you have to keep pressed to maintain the cars’ course. The game goes like this: you will compete against other racers and you have to finish the track among the first to be able to unlock the next level – the next track!

Each track is unique and interesting! This fact makes these easy racing games be very popular and adored by all categories of people. Let’s see how many levels you can uncover and manage to win! Try and try until you are the ultimate champion!