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Mario Go Kart


If you share the same weakness for fun, adrenaline-rising, extreme speed karting sessions, as Mario here, then how about joining him on his Mario go kart high speed adventure?

Before you get it started, before you cross the start line in high speed, make sure you read the game's tutorial, really carefully, learning all about the keys to use if you want to make this kids kart racing fun a truly successful one for Mario here! Also, while speeding down the karting circuit, playing the Mario go kart racing game, prove your skills at handling your little speedy vehicle while looking for those special blocks, responsible for some truly special effects, too, and while you're doing all your best to avoid those banana peels there, the ones responsible for... taking Mario's kart off the track. Have I mentioned that this is one of the truly challenging kart mario racing games available online? The arrow keys will be your best “teammates” in this fun-filled, intense race, so use them wisely for accelerating, for moving left or right or for using your on-screen kart's brakes. Drive that kart like an insane Mario driver, if you really want to finish the race and beat your opponents' time records, but be a wise kart driver, too, keeping your tiny vehicle out of those “slippery” dangers and always heading towards those special blocks you have there. Have a fun ride!

Your searches for the best mario kart racing games, with the fun factor included, too, ends here! Here is it: the game that will make you feel your blood pumping through your veins, the one that will challenge both your driving and racing skills to the maximum!