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GTR Challenge


Respond to the three drifting, drag racing and bad guy pursuing challenges in GTR challenge game and be one with your car, speeding down like crazy there on the road, all while you're keeping a close eye on the time and all while you're keeping a steady control of your super car! Are you the best car racer, a true drifts master and born to be a hero there, on the highway, chasing scumbags like no other policeman out there? Prove it! I mean it!

What test would you like to challenge your driving skills with first? Do you think you have what it takes to perform some really stunning drifts at the wheel of a jaw-dropping, sports car? First of all, seize the chance of actually selecting your super car, make sure you don't skip the game's tutorial, and get ready for the adrenaline rising drifts of your life! The arrow keys on your keyboard will be your most reliable teammates in this fast-paced race, so use the up arrow key to gain speed and accelerate your sports car, while you're enjoying the GTR challenge game, for you have a time limit to keep in mind, after all. Still, do you think you can handle all that extreme speed? Control your car like a pro' whenever you're reaching those curves which will really challenge your drifting skills.

After you've really outdone yourself and performed as many stunning drifts as possible withing those 3 circuit laps, take the next challenge prepared for you in GTR challenge, that of drag racing against a really skillful, feared rival, driving a super speedy, sports car himself, too. The controls are pretty much the same, only that this time you'll need to “team up” with your spacebar, too, for changing gear. Dare reaching some mind-blowing speeds and leave your opponent no chance of finishing the drag race before you. Last, but surely not least, get behind the super car we've prepared for you in the last challenge you'll need to respond to: chasing down a dangerous scumbag, all while you're putting all the efforts to avoid bumping into the other cars, for you wouldn't want damaging all those honest citizens' cars, now would you? Accelerate, use the left and arrow keys for squeezing your police car through all the other non-targeted cars in traffic and use your driving skills in the name of law and justice!