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Highway Revenge


p>Stop what you are doing and start playing car chase games! For the fans of this type of games Highway Revenge will bring a good time! Starting with the fact that usually race games are only about racing and they don’t have any story to backup the action I have to say that Highway Revenge is different.

In the first place it has an interesting story that backs up the action from the beginning to the end. You are an ex convict that has been framed and now you have to find your own justice while being on the streets. There is the only place where you are the best and where you can destroy the one who framed you!

Use the arrow keys to steer the car left and right and the ‘’up’’ arrow to accelerate. When you see the target all that you have to do is bump into him as hard as you can and destroy him and his car! Some car chasing games are all that you need to enter the atmosphere of an action movie and even, for a few minutes, be a character and a part of it!