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Space Colony


Wow! There are very few space racing games that have a story behind. Usually, racing games are centered upon driving itself and not on the story. If you are a racing fan you have a lot of fun playing Space Colony because the interesting story will sustain the whole action and you will end up ‘’fighting’’ for a cause.

You will also have a well specified purpose – meaning stopping the enemies from getting to the space colony. You can do this with the help of your car which you can drive using the arrow keys! Also don’t you forget to gather the helping icons that you see on the road while playing these new car racing games for kids.

In the end, to win the level you have to destroy a target. This target will be signalized and when you play space racing games like Space Colony you need to do everything in your power to stop it from getting to the colony. Have fun and a lot of good luck! The fait of the universe stands in your hands!