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Speed Rivals


If you're an extreme speed-addict, an adrenaline junkie and a jaw-dropping drifts “maniac”, then you're the right player for this game! Don't get the Speed Rivals racing game started if you're too “chicken” to handle all that intense speed or too coward to drive your super car along those tricky laps, burning rubber on the highway, almost literally, as you do those maneuvers and perform those breathtaking drifts. So, are you ready to put your racing skills to the ultimate test?

The game controls in speed rivals racing game are pretty basic: you'll be using your arrow keys for controlling your high speed, lightweight super car! Still, because of that, don't underestimate the major challenge you'll be facing: completing all those tricky laps, within the given time or, preferably much quicker, as many times as it takes to beat your opponents. Accelerate, reach maximum speeds, get clever when it comes to reducing the time needed for handling those curves, but make sure you can handle all that speed and rush of adrenaline, too, for if you're not quick enough, if your reaction times are way too lame, you will be bumping into those parapets so brutally, which will considerably slow you down and reduce your chance to complete the level in record time. Also, don't underestimate your opponents, either! I mean, I'm pretty certain you already know this “rule” if you usually love to play racing games online! You might be driving a speedy drift car, but your rivals' cars are not any less... competitive. Driving skills, racing skills and a small doze of pure madness if what will make your stand out from the crowd and make a difference there, on the circuit!

I'm sure that any daring car games fan like you definitely loves to play racing games online, am I right? Then why not get picky and select the most challenging ones, like the Speed Rivals racing game here?