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Ice Racing


Winter is the season when car accidents are just inevitable, it is that time a year when everyone has to be careful driving on slippery roads. In order to be prepare for this you can now practice by playing winter racing games online, this games can simulate the tricky winter condition and they will help you better understand how a car can get out of control.

Ice racing is not you tipical racing game it is one of the hardest mainly because the track is cover in snow and ice making your job a lot more harder. You can easily lose control of your car in tight corners or even when you try and overtake your opponents. Although winter racing games are hard they are a lot of fun, you can do many new car tricks on ice and the online world is perfect for this, there is no point putting yourself in danger.

In order to win at this winter racing games you must first find out what is the perfect speed with witch you can take a corner. The only easy thing is the way you can control the car, just like other offroad racing games online you must use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and break. The cool stuff happens when you press the space bar this will trigger the hand break letting you make some of the best slides ever.