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Demolition Dodge


Now what do you say about I sow you a new and interesting game for you to play? If you are a fan of cars and of driving you will surely enjoy these demolition derby games! If you play Demolition Dodge you will have the possibility to drive as fast as you can on a road where you have to watch out from bumping into other cars and try to gather all kind of icons that can help you win.

This is a racing game, but you will be very surprised to see that these demolition derby games are not being played on the streets, as you got used to! But they are played on an arena! Your aim is to gather all kind of powers and try to get out of everything all safe and sound. The other opponents will come after you trying to stop you from reaching your target, so, by using the arrow keys to steer the car you can start running away from them. 

And after you have chosen the appropriate car to drive in these new car racing games you can actually start the adventure! Now all that you have to do is try and have as much fun as you can and be the best at these demolition derby games!