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Firetruck Masters


If you want to become a master in driving the most loved car in times of fire you have to see how these firetruck driving game online are! Whenever you need a little bit of action and your ego has a low period you can raise it playing Firetruck Masters!

These firetruck driving game online give you the possibility to drive the rescue car towards the place where the fire is and by pressing the space bar at the finish make everything all right once again, and then again and again if you manage not to tip over and not finish the level. 

These fire truck driving games are not that hard as they give you the freedom to drive very fast. You only have to watch and keep you car steady using the side arrows while you drive over other cars and scraps of metal accelerating with the ‘’up’’ arrow. These firetruck driving game online will make you feel like a real hero after you put out some of the fires!