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3D Test Drive


Ready to do a 3d test drive with a cool funky ride? Come enjoy the cool graphics of realistic 3d driving games and prove worthy of a competition beyond the test drive! Use your arrow keys just right and master handle them to drive your cool car to success. Complete the missions along the race course of each level and pass the test drive in record time. Cash in on some bonus points to upgrade your acceleration system, your top speed possibilities and those handling and braking techniques and demonstrate to everyone that you're far more advanced then those driver's school mates of yours.

With four funky levels to choose from, no wonder you will totally fall in love with this 3d test drive game.

The 3d flash car games are always such a delight to play and enjoy, since the real feel of being behind the wheels give you the best approach on the matter. The victory is that much more sweeter as the real adrenaline pumps through your veins all the way to the finish line!