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Verti Pool


While I was looking on the internet for interesting pool games for kids i found a game that I couldn’t believe. I was so surprised to see something like it that I have to tell all of you and recommend it! It is definitely worth playing! This wonderful game is called Verti Pool and it is like you have never seen.

You will be surprised to see that pool games for kids can be played like this! Well… you should prepare yourself for a game that looks very easy at the beginning but you will see that after you play some minutes it won’t seam like that anymore! Verti Pool is a game where you don’t have to put the balls into their sockets! Although you are playing on a pool table that is not what you need to do!

What is so interesting about these pool games for kids is the fact that you actually have to align the balls on the table in the same order as you can see below. Using the mouse you can play free pool games online like you have never played before… So, click on the white cue ball and don’t release in order to pick it up. With its help you can hit the other balls to make them jump in their places.

This seams quite easy, but you will seen see that these balls are a little bit crazy!!! At every touch and hit they move so fast that everything you have dome goes away and is ruined. You have to be very careful when playing these pool games for kids and not make any sudden moves because you will regret it… al your work will be gone and you have to start all over again!

The point of this game is not only placing the balls in the correct order but also doing it as fast as you can. The faster you manage to align them the grater your final score will be! Have I been right? Isn’t Verti Pool one of the most challenging pool games for kids?