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Crazy Pool 2


What do you say about playing another kind of 8 ball online pool games? When you say ‘’pool’’ the first thing that comes into your mind is the well known game where with a white cue ball you have to strike other balls, be it numbered balls of different colors of the same color, and send them towards the holes of the pool table…

Well… this time it is the perfect opportunity for you to try some different kind of pool games. These 8 ball online pool games are different from many points of view from the classic games that you know. First you will be very shocked to see that these free pool games online are being played on a table that has no holes. And that the balls are not like you have known them to be.

Strange, hmm? Yeah… very strange… and strange most of the times mean intriguing! Yes, Crazy Pool 2 is like this! Intriguing games are good! You will see that these 8 ball online pool games are quite different also from the point of view of the rules and the balls used. So, to explain all of them I have to highlight the fact that here you have to destroy all of the balls besides the white cue ball. By smashing the same color balls one into another you make them explode! Isn’t it interesting?! 

And also these 8 ball online pool games offer you a very good advantage – the black ball is actually a bomb that you can explode by hitting at the right time! Be careful to explode it when it is near other ball because it will destroy them making your game much easier.

When you play Crazy Pool 2 you can shoot the white ball by pulling with the help of the mouse in the opposite direction. When you do this you will see a line… the longer the line the grater the speed and power of your strike will be… So, what do you say? Are these 8 ball online pool games for your taste? Try them and you will see!