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Blast Billiards


You might have played lots of free billiards games online, but none of them has been as interesting as Blast Billiards. This game is more entertaining than the others that you have played so far, because it has something different and also new for you.

The difference between this game and the other free billiards games online, is that you have bombs in your pool and unusual balls. It is easy to play if you have practiced before, because you don’t have any arrows to show you the direction of the white ball, so you have to use your intuition or knowledge. If you are a beginner it might look difficult, but after a few shots you will be able to put the bombs into the holes before the time runs out. Position the angle of the cue by placing your mouse next to the ball you’re aiming at, hold down your left mouse button while watching the power bar and release the button to shoot. Clear the table each time to reach the next level. You have 10 levels of difficulty on this game.

You can see your remaining time on the bombs, so this way you will know how much time you have left for your shots. Each time that your game is over, you will see your score and the best score, so that you can compare them and work harder next time that you play the game.

Blast Billiards is a good choice if you like to play free billiards games online. It can help you to improve your skills and make you a good billiard player. You can apply the techniques from this online billiard game on other free billiards games online, but also when you play pool with your friends. You can be a better player each time that you play pool games online, only if you try to do your best and only if you can reach the last level. Because of this game that has more levels of difficulty you have the chance to take every previous level as training for the next ones.