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Snooker 1


Like in each online snooker games, you have some rules to respect to correctly play the game. This pool game is played by two players. In this online snooker game you can practice your aiming against your friend and try to get a higher score than him.

The snooker game was made for gentleman’s, so prove you are a pro player and become a gentleman. Unfortunately, because this is an online snooker game you cannot play against O’Sulivan or Higgins or any other experienced players.

Online snooker games are the type of games that can put you in a difficult position in front of your friends if you don’t correctly aim the targeted ball.

The rules are simple. You have 15 red balls, each one values 1 point, and 6 colored balls: the black one, the pink one, the blue one, the yellow one, the green one and the brown one. The black ball values 6 points, the pink one values 5 points, the blue one values 5 points, the yellow one values 4 points, the green one values 3 points and the green one values only 2 points.

How do you play it? Aim a ball, by clicking your left button, keep it pressed for power and release it for a shot. First you have to send a red ball into the hole to be able to aim a colored one. After you send a red ball into his hole you can aim and send a colored ball, for example the blue ball, in his hole. In this way you will gain a break with 6 points, 1 for the red ball and 5 for the blue ball. You will have to do this every time, meaning that you need to hit first a red ball, then a colored ball, then again a red ball and so on. A mistake can cost you 5 points, points that will be automatically transferred to your opponent counting.

These types of free online pool games are made for entertainment. You can choose Snooker 1, as it is one of the best online snooker games, to play it with your friends, and teach them a lesson of snooker.