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Powerpool Frenzy


For now on you don’t have to go anymore to play outside your house a pool game, because you can choose to play this type of free pool games online. Like in each kind of free pool games, your goal is to send as many balls as you can into the holes with your cue.

After you will access this pool game you can see on your screen, four different buttons, with four different actions. The first one is the Start Game button game. Obviously by pressing this one you will start the game. The second one is the High Score button. By pressing this one you may find out your previous scores if you submitted them. The third button will send you directly to play another game, which is Powerpool 2. And the final button, can take you to others free pool games. So let’s start this game by pressing the Start Game button.

This pool game is a little bit different from the other pool games. For instance your table isn’t a rectangle table, is a square one with only four holes. For each level you have 60 seconds to gain as many points as you can playing in 10 different levels. You will see that on your playing table there are different colored balls, each one with different points. Each one can help you to get a new higher score if you hit it in combination with other balls. As you already guessed this type of free pool games is played with your mouse. Push the left click of your mouse and drag it as far as you can. Aim the ball that you want to hit and let the mouse button.

If you hit first the orange ball, you can see that all the balls from the table will have more speed. If you aim at the gray ball, your white ball will be bigger for 10 seconds. And if you aim at the green ball, you will also see that all your red balls will transform into 3 smaller balls.

Powerpool Frenzy is one of the funniest types of free billiards games free. We believe that this kind of free pool games can make you a real pro player. Enjoy!