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Delux Pool


Who doesn’t like to compete??? And most important… who doesn’t like to win? I thing that there is no person on this planet who hates to win! That is why when we feel the need to play a game we have to look for games that we know and that will make us feel better about ourselves. These championship pool games are the best for this because billiards is a very popular game and everybody knows it. And even if somebody doesn’t it is extremely easy to learn.

The basic rules are practically the same at every championship pool games and if you have played once you won’t forget them. The point is for you to find the perfect game for you… So, I suggest that you start your seek with Delux Pool – a classical game of pool that can be played in 1 or 2 players. So, if you are up for a competition these free pool games online can easily become your best friends.

So, if you are in the mood to play some championship pool games with your friend now you have this opportunity to do it online, all free! If you don’t have any friends available to play with you, the computer is always there for you! Or you can choose to play a round of pool where you have to fulfill some tasks. You will be given the correct order in which you have to pocket the balls and you will be given points if you pocket them right.

Here, if you got used to playing championship pool games with the use of your mouse, maybe you will have problems with aiming because you have to do it backwards… you will have to aim by adjusting the cur stick and placing the direction line in the desired position. Well… this can be sometimes a little bit difficult but you will get used to it quite quickly, so don’t give up!