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Pool Master


It is time for you to become a pool master! And wee even have the perfect game for you! It is actually called Pool Master! So, if you are looking for challenging classic billiards pool games you just found what you were looking for… This nice game gives you the chance to play pool as it is, without any special effects or obstacles as you might have gotten used to when playing games online.

Pool Master is a classical game which you will play exactly like the real stuff. The only difference will be that you are playing online and you will have as an opponent the very skilled computer – one of the best aimers! But don’t you worry because you can also practice and in some time you will become even better than you’ve expected. What is very important about this game is the fact that it can be played in two, as any other 2 player pool games or you can play by yourself for as long as you want to become better.

If you have played at least once billiard in your life you surely know the rules of this one because they are the same as when playing any other billiards pool games; no chance, no extra effects. It will be only you, the cue stick and the balls! What else do you need more?! I think that these are enough when playing billiards pool games and especially if you are looking for realistic ones!

Also, you will see that these billiards pool games are quite easy to play… almost all games from this domain are being played using the mouse. This time you will use the mouse to aim towards the balls and by clicking you can set the power as seen in the power bar in the right side of the screen. Easy… what do you say… do you wanna try a round right now? Com on… the game is waiting for you to become a Pool Master!