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Lightining Break


It is time we present to you some other 2 player pool games. This time is about a game that you will surely love playing. It is called Lightining Break and it is between the few billiard games that can be played on levels! So you don’t have to look anymore for challenging games because you just found it!

When you hear the word ‘’lightening’’ the first thing that comes into your mind is power and speed! Well… what does it have to do with pool… a game where you need to take your tine, where you have to calculate all your shots, see the perfect angles and stay focused?! Well… these 2 player pool games are like no other. Since you are playing online, you know that almost everything is possible! And that is why this game is focused on you pocketing certain balls in a certain time – precisely 100 seconds.

And as you are playing on levels you should expect everything to get harder along the way. So, for start you have to pocket one red ball and one colored one than you will pass to the next level. After this you have to pocket two and so on… at some point it can become quite hard and you have to speed up, you won’t have any time to think and you will have to put all of your confidence into your instincts. This is what makes these billiards pool games so challenging!

What do you say? Are you up for a try? But first you need to know how you can play it. So, in order to pocket the balls used in these 2 player pool games you have to use your mouse to aim and shoot towards the balls. Set the direction and then click left to choose the power; and then release.

Being this fast, each level having 100 seconds you can easily play these 2 player pool games in one of your brakes as a catalyst for your brain. You won’t get bored and you will keep on staying in the state of alert for a longer time… So all that you have to do now is take advantage of what Lightining Brake can offer you.