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Turtle Pool


Turtle Pool is one of the 3d pool games that you can choose to play. This game is an exciting game, because it is a little bit harder to play than the other 3d pool games that you might know.

The difference between the other pool games and this one is that you have turtles instead of the balls. You don’t have the holes in which you should put the turtles, but you must hit the other turtles with your player. Just as you would pick your cue position, you pick the position from which you would like to hit your turtle, with your mouse, by pressing the left button. If you move your mouse backwards you will hit harder with your player. The arrows will show you the direction your turtle is about to follow, after that you can remove your finger from your mouse.

An important thing is that you have to hit two turtles of the same color to make them disappear, but remember that you must clear the pool as soon as possible because you only have 60 seconds. You can also try to clear it only with one shot and this way you can increase your final score. The game has different levels of difficulty but you can only move from one level to another by playing them one after the other. The idea is that you have to be better every time, so that you can pass to the next level. By passing from one level to another you will have more and more turtles on the pool, this way you can improve your skills by trying to clear the pool as fast as you can.

You should pick the Turtle Pool game from all the other 3d pool games, because of this game important advantages: funny, interesting, challenging. All these make this game the best choice that you can make. You might find it more interesting and entertaining than all the other free billiards games online because it’s not the pool game that you used to play, it’s something new and funny at the same time.