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Orginal Blast Pool


 These free online pool games are not too easy to be played. It will be a pressure on your shoulders because you have to send all your balls to their holes in only 90 seconds. If you do that you are directly sent to the next level, and if you don’t, the balls will blast and you will lose.

In this free online pool game you will always have 6 balls on the table, and 20 levels to complete. If you want, you can submit your score after every level that you manage to complete.

The first three levels are made for you to practice your shooting and your direction, because for the 4th level you will have a bomb on the table that you need to avoid. If you touch that bomb you will be blown up. Try to be accurate, and send all the red balls to their homes without touching the bomb.

As you already assume, these types of free online pool games are played with the mouse. Click on your white ball and aim to the selected ball. You will see that you have on your screen a power meter. As much as you keep your finger on your click button, as much that power meter will grow and give your ball a higher speed. You can also change the ball spinning by selecting the “power spin” which is displayed on the right corner on your screen.

This kind of free online pool games can improve your aiming skills, and teach you how to become a pro player. Practice some rounds, and don’t be nervous if you lose some. Remember you are here to learn how to be the best at this game.

Original Blast Pool is an excellent choice if you want to play some free online pool games, because the game is really easy to be played and it can’t take you more than 90 seconds to complete a level. Don’t forget, there are plenty of free pool games on this site. All you have to do is to play and enjoy them.