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Billiard Frenzy


Show us that you are a pro billiard player by throwing all the balls into their holes. Those types of pool games online are played with the mouse. To hit a ball you have to click on your white ball, drag it to the direction that you’d like to shot, and release the mouse button. Once you’ve clicked on your white ball, you have to decide what you will do next, because there’s no turning back, you will be forced to shoot.

In this type of pool games online you will have to put all your red balls into the holes with only 5 shots. Don’t worry! There is plenty of time to perfect your shot. Once you will play some rounds you will see that you can send much easier the balls into the holes. When you have a successful ball, the number of your remaining shots will remain the same. However, if you miss a shot your remaining shots will decrease with one.

In this type of pool games online, if by mistake you send the white ball into the hole, you wouldn’t be sanctioned in any way. When this happens, you can put your white ball wherever you like on the pool table.

If the color of the table is bothering you, you can change it by pressing the rainbow mini box which is displayed on the right part of the pool table. By doing that you can turn your table color in green, or red, or blue.

If you manage to send all your balls into the hole that means that you won that level. For each of the following levels, you will have as extra shots the number of saved shots from the previous level. Each successful shot will bring you 50 points, but if you send two balls in a raw into the holes, you will gain 50 points extra.

Billiard Frenzy is a funny way to spend your time, and is the simplest way to become a pro player by choosing this type of pool games online. There are hundreds of online snooker games that can be played on this site.