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Beauty Pool


Beauty Pool is a classical game of pool, exactly like the real stuff… the only difference being that at the beginning you have to choose the player that you want to play with from some girls one more beautiful than the others. So, of you want to play free pool games online you should pick this one! You will have the chance to play a cool and challenging classic pool game with some nice girls and also practice your aiming skills!

When you think about pool games you might thing about a pool table, with pockets, different colored balls, numbered balls and let’s not forget… the white cue ball! In some games you can find all of these features, in some you won’t… Well… in Beauty Pool you will! So, if you are looking to play free pool games online this is the most suited for you!

Maybe because pool is such a popular game that is being played in tournaments and also as a hobby, when you go put is town with your friends you may already know the rules. These billiards pool games are easily played using the mouse to do everything… you can aim and shoot just by performing some very easy moves. Just move the mouse until you have the right position and then click the left mouse button and release it when the power is as you need it to be. 

The first to pocket a ball – a full one of a half – will have to pocket the same type of balls until the end of the game. The one to pocket all their balls and then the last black 8 ball is declared the winner! This is how you usually play free pool games online! It is pure competition! Let the best one win!

Since you are playing against the computer you should expect the other player to be rather good so take up some practice before to get used to the controls and the table and after you feel secure you can begin and play free pool games online! Beauty Pool will bring you everything you need from this point of view!