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Run Ronaldo Run


Do you like football? If you do like it and also love running I recommend you try these Ronaldo games where you will have the opportunity to play with your football hero… How you might have thought, Run Ronaldo Run is a game that will amuse you much more than a classic running or football game!

When playing these Ronaldo games you will laugh your soul out! At first you will see a super fat Ronaldo that does his best at running from another player. What you will have to do when playing these free running games is to do your best so that your character does not slow down and looses the ball.

You will see that Run Ronaldo Run is quite easy to play, you only need to use two keys because the character is already running, you just have to be careful and jump over the snacks or dock the sandwiches because this Ronaldo is quite an eater… so, he will eat everything that comes in his way and this will slow him down. So, use the ’’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrows to avoid the food!

The moment you see the ball don’t jump over it… the other football player will steal it and you will lose the game! So, when you think like this… the whole point of these Ronaldo games is to keep the ball at your feet!

After you play this game and after you see this other representation of the famous football player Ronaldo maybe you will wake up and realize that sports are good for you… and not necessarily playing free running game online; you need to start practicing some sports for real… any kind of sports… it will make you feel a 100 times better! 

So, start with playing online Ronaldo games and then move to real sports… these internet games can motivate and give you the needed push in starting exercising for a better health!