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Pucca 1


Aren’t you bored over your head from all the slooooow games that have a huge lack of action? You like running but don’t have time to do it… the weather is not in your favor and if you think about it maybe you don’t even have the necessary mood for doing it… we have the cure for you. It is called Pucca 1 and you will find that it is the most active free online running game that you have ever played. Pucca 1 will bring you out of the state of boredom that seams to have conquered you in the last days.

If you are ready for some action that means you are ready to play Pucca 1 free online running game. Pucca 1 is a very simple online running game to play. You only have to use the ‘’Z’’, ‘’X’’ and ‘’C’’ keys from the keyboard to play it. The object of this free online running game is also simple… you just have to be very quick in moves in order to win. So, the games goes like this… when starting you will see some people running on the screen; what you will have to do is to keep the ones coming from behind to reach the you – the one who is automatically running in front -. You can do this by pushing the keys right. For each character you have a key – for the samurai with the sword the ‘’Z’’ key, for the pink dressed girl ‘’X’’ and for the boy ‘’C’’. When they come running towards you just press the allocated key in order for them to disappear.

Isn’t this simple? Just wait… every time you pass a level the people start running faster and faster, so you need to be very careful not to press the wrong button. If you think about it Pucca 1 looks like a competition, but it isn’t. This free online running game is actually a competition between you and your skills. If you want to see how long you will last in this run play Pucca 1 and find out! Pucca 1 is a free online running game that is suitable if you are looking for a pleasant way to develop your skills and reflexes. You will see that after some rounds of Pucca 1 you will feel revived.