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A Game Of Halves


If you are looking for a competitive game that combines American football with the advantages of online running games you should try A Game of Halves. This cool game is a combination between more sports with a highlight on you running to achieve something.

As you may know, when playing American football you need to run, run as fast as you can and avoid all the opponents from stopping you from scoring. Well… when playing these online running games you need to do exactly that. You will see yourself on the football field; in the corner… what you will have to do is to run with the ball towards the other side of the terrain and score in the opponents’ gate.

So, you can either be a fan of football or just like playing online running games, A Game of Halves can be your next favorite time spending activity. It will be nice for all you fans of these sports to combine and mingle their advantages. Because you will find these online free running games to be very entertaining and quite addictive.

A Game of Halves is a game that you will find extremely easy to play, because you will only need to use your mouse to make the character run. But, as a change, you will see that it is not that easy to fulfill the target. When you start playing you will see the player you will control having a red arrow in front of him… well… with that arrow you will be able to make him run. Move the mouse in which direction you want and the player will follow it.

When you need a boost of speed just right click the mouse and your character will suddenly accelerate. What you will have to do when playing these online running games is to manage to run from your corner to the other side of the field and score. Just watch out for the other players who will come after you trying to prevent you from winning. This is all that you will need in order to have fun playing some online running games!