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What do you think about some adventure? Are you ready to pass into another world for the action of your life? If the answer is ‘’YES’’ that means you are now ready for a new and very fun game called Superboomermax. This is an online running game that you will find very similar with the classic adventures of Mario and his brother. So, if this is true Superboomermax online running game will invite you on an imaginary trip through your past and childhood.

Set in an imaginary world of candy canes and pink clouds, Superboomermax online running game will transport you in a world where you cannot imagine the existence of evil. But you are wrong… even in this perfect looking dimension there are monsters that will try to stop you from getting to the finish. So, as you might think, the object of Superboomermax online running game is to get to the finish without being killed by the monsters. Please keep in mind the fact that you only have one life, so be very careful at the moves that you make because once you are killed you have to start all over again. 

Superboomermax is really easy to play because you only have to use some keyboard buttons in order to move. If you want to run just press the ‘’right’’ arrow and hit space when you need to jump. Because this is an online running game that means you have to finish the levels as quickly as you can to maximize your scores and receive bonuses. Also, if you would like to earn many points look for the colored bricks in bubbles and gather them. 

As you will see, Superboomermax is a very active online running game that you can play as long as you want without getting bored. Colorful and pink Superboomermax online running game will set you in the perfect mood for good thoughts. And when you are tired of all the pink you can always watch some hokey games and you will reconnect with the reality.