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Box Dodge Fury


Are you ready for the ultimate running games online? These games will bring you a dose of activity in your life; you will one of the people to play one of the most interactive and challenging free running games online. If you want to have some fun running as fast as you can and also dodging the obstacles that come in your way Box Dodge Fury is the perfect game for you…

These running games online will bring you some fun and set you in a mood just good for going outside and start your active life as a runner. It will awaken in you the spirit of adventure and the desire to take up a very dynamic hobby!

Box Dodge Fury is quite a simple game at the first looks, but as you advance playing you will see that behind the common look you can find a game that challenges you to the limit. It will surely make you play it over and over again just to see how long you can resist…

The point of these running games online is simple and concise… you will have to run as much as you can, as fast as you can, jump over the gaps, dodge the falling boxes and in the end see how long you have ran without getting hit. You can do this by using the arrow keys… the ‘’left’’ / ‘’right’’ ones to run or stop and the ‘’up’’ arrow to jump over the gaps. Be careful because once you got hit by a box or fell into a gap the game is over and you will have to start all over again and try to set a new record!

Box Dodge Fury is a very interesting game because it is not like you’ve expected… here you won’t compete with anybody, it will be only you and your ability to resist… After you had played this game for some time you will realize that you are quite addicted to it… this is what running games online can do to you!