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Since you were looking for interesting freestyle running games we have prepared for you a game that you will surely enjoy playing. It is called Xrunning and you will be inside a maze from where you have to escape. These are considered to be fast walking games because they develop the imagination and teach the child how to find the right way, and also a game for everyone because it offers the player a great time!

When playing these freestyle running games you have to use the arrow keys and some combination of thee keys in order to get out of the maze in time. All you need to do is follow the instructions given in the first level and you will soon know exactly what you have to do!

After you have got out of the first maze you will be placed in another one where with the same keys you have to do your best and manage to find the exit in time. You can also choose the level of difficulty after you gained some experience. This is what these freestyle running games can bring you if you start playing – fun, challenge and more challenge!