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I have to be honest with you – this is probably the most fun I ever had playing parkour games online. Runningman is a fun little game that focuses on a sport that is becoming more and more popular – parkour. It is essentially a combination of sprints, jumps and rolls that takes place in an urban setting. It's designed to make city life more fun and this is one of those parkour games online that captures the essence of the sport completely. It's one of the best free online running games we've come across.

You control a funny little stick figure that has to find his way on building tops and other urban settings. There are three main controls for your in-game hero. The first one is to click on the green circle, thus making the stick figure jump or grab railings. The second control type is a drag and drop combination of two red circles – you need to drag the first over the second to initiate the action. Haing such intuitive controls makes parkour games online fun to play from the very first second. Last but not least, there is the mouse over control in which you only need to move the mouse cursor over yellow colored circles generating rolls or jumps for the in-game character.

The popularity of parkour as an urban sport is obvious and because it's 100% city related it's also easy to practice. You don't need any special equipment and you don't even need any particular training. Parkour is all about adapting to the environment and finding the quickest route in the urban jungle. While parkour games online doesn't bring all the excitement of actually doing it live on the streets it's quite a good alternative for those of us that are less inclined to jump from rooftops and slide over railings.

So go on and give Runningman a shot and see if you enjoy it. Our collection of sport games also includes more parkour games online so please check those out as well.