Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Olympix Summer Games


The game that you are about to play in the next minutes is actually a game made up by several games. That is why it is called Olympix Summer Games because it has some categories from the Olympics. When playing these cool running games you will be a contestant in the most important games of the summer! So you have to be the best and win all the sporting events!

First, you will have to compete in the running event, and if you win that one you move up to jumping in sand and after that running and jumping over the fences. These cool running games are made in such a way so you will be entertained all the time you are playing. This is also a good game if you want to download running games as it is very hard to not become addicted to Olympix Summer Games!

These cool running games are also very easy to play, although you are competing in more than one event you have to use the same controls. So, when it is needed for you to run just keep the space bar pressed and hit the ‘’ctrl’’ key when you want to jump! Now let’s see how good you are at the Olympics!