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Wildhearts Stage Dive


Wildhearts Stage Dive is a very nice game that can be put in the category of running games for girls because girls are usually fans of concerts and rock bands. But these running games to play are actually meant for everyone who is dreaming of being a star! If you are among those people who wonder how it would be to jump from the stage into the crowd, and the crowd to catch you with enthusiasm than you need to see if you like this cool game. 

These running games for girls are very easy to play and they are practically a contest between you – the leader of a band and the Devil – to see who manages to jump further into the crowd. What you have to do in order to have a good time is to alternate pressing the ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ arrow keys to make the character jump and when you get near the stage press the space bar and release it when you have the right angle.

What is most interesting about these running games for girls is the fact that they will make you taste a little bit of the thrill and freedom that a rock star feels when being on the stage. What about you start right away and see if you like it!