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Summer Games 2005


I bet that at least once in your life you have dreamt about participating in the Olympics … well… this is your chance! Now you have the opportunity to get closer to your dream only by playing some free running games on the internet! Summer Games 2005 is a simple game where you can play a variety of games that imply running…

By trying these free running games you will have the opportunity to experience some running competitions that you will find all different in their own way… you will run, jump and make history!

You will see that at the first glance Summer Games 2005 appears as a very simplistic game in terms of its graphic and rudimentary soundtrack… but don’t you let yourself be fooled by this… there is a lot more to it when you actually start playing it. Like many free running games you will see that it is quite challenging and addictive! 

If you are looking to play running games online you will see that Summer Games 2005 could suite everyone’s desires because here you will have the chance to play more that one game… it is dynamic and if you pass a challenge you will encounter another one… completely different from the previous one!

So, in order to play Summer Games 2005 you just need to use some keys… actually the space bar and ‘’CTRL’’ one to make the character run and jump! As we will be competing in the Olympics, firstly you need to choose the participant country of origin and then just enjoy the different challenges. Each turn you will have to score a certain number of points or more to advance to the next challenge…

So, if you are ready to try Summer Games 2005 you won’t be disappointed… these free running games will provide you with the needed amount of adrenalin and will also satisfy your craving for sports… maybe you will even take running as a hobby because it is not enough to play sport on the internet!