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Disc Battle


If you like to watch hockey games in you free time what do you say about playing one? If you are in the look for some active sports games you came to the right place. The time when you used to watch hockey games instead of playing them is now over! It is high time to befriend a new game called Disc Battle. This hockey game for free is not exactly an actual game of hockey, it doesn’t depict a real field with real players. It is the kind of game that you can also find in the play halls, you know, the one that you can play with your friend holding a device in your hand.

Disc Battle is quite simple, and if you played at least once this type of game in real life it will be very easy for you to understand and win this game. The aim of Disc Battle is to score as many goals in the given period of time. And at the same time you have to stop your opponent from scoring by sending the puck towards his gate. To be considered the winner at the end of the game you have to score more points than your opponent. Be careful because you only have a quick-shotle of minutes to do all of this. So, are you convinced yet? Isn’t it that playing Disc Battle is a big difference that just watching hockey games on television?

Disc Battle is the type of game that sharpens your attentiveness and improves your eye-hand coordination skills as it is a game that is being played only with the help of mouse movements, and you have to be careful at the ball you have to move very fast and calculate your moves before as to shoot perfect for a goal. When playing Disc Battle it feels like watching a hockey game – you will panic sometimes, you will be happy when you score, you will be sad and caught in the action – all these in a very short period of time.