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Icehockey Challenge


It is very easy to find free air hockey games online, but it is quite difficult to find a game that is worth playing and is worth your precious time. Well… Icehockey Challenge is one of those games – the ones that you will never forget! It is very easy to play and you will be challenged to the full while performing…

These games can be easily played by all age categories starting from the youngest and ending with the oldest… Icehockey Challenge is played, like no other hockey game, using the mouse and the aim is to shoot as many pucks in the game as you can. You will have a limited number of shots and you have to take advantage of them! 

When you play kids hockey games like Icehockey Challenge you will see a button that has written on it ‘’shot’’ each time you see the direction bar in the desired place just press it and your character will shoot. Isn’t these free air hockey games just wonderful? Nothing is too hard of too challenging for the hockey player in you! Enjoy!