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Drake Josh


If you like to play hockey games for free when you have some time to spare that means you are an active person and we have the perfect game for you. If you are looking for some good hockey games that you can play for free you came to the place where you can find everything that you desire. Hockey games for every taste! Now, you are prepared to meet Drake and Josh – the two characters of the game holding the same name. This hockey game for free is a classic game of table hockey, just like the ones that you can find and play when going out. 

Drake and Josh is a complex game for an online hockey game because it is a little bit more animated than the real thing. But if you think about it… here we have the technology on our side! This is a unique chance to play this nice hockey game for free! So, don’t you stand anymore and try a round! Drake and Josh is quite a simple game to play, so, if you encountered at least once this type of game in reality it will be very easy for you to play. The object of Drake and Josh is to score as many goals as you can in order to win. You also have to stop your opponent from scoring by sending the puck towards his gate. The one to score 7 points is declared the winner! 

Although the rules are quite the same like when playing in reality, here things get a little complicated sometimes. So, the quicker you mark the goals the higher the score you will get. If you finish a round without your opponent scoring any point, you will have a surprise – a bigger guarding mallet! Also, Drake and Josh hockey game for free won’t stop surprising you… while playing you can encounter obstacles that appear and disappear that will divert your puck, and also sometimes you can see the puck dividing in three. What do you think about that? Isn’t it great? And after you had enough of hockey games for free you can always try one of our go kart racing games! You won’t be sorry!