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Air Hockeys


At these type of hockey games your goal is to score as many points as possible and to beat all your opponents. Use your mouse to control your player. The game will be played on a table and you will have only a pucker hitter and a puck to score as many points as you can.

You will start this game by choosing your player from a specific country. You can choose between 9 countries. After that you will start the game. You will see at the beginning of the game that you will need to win 8 rounds to win this game. For winning a round you will have to score 7 points. Use your mouse to move your puck hitter and hit the puck as faster and powerful as you can. This game has no time limit so you don’t have the time pressure on your back to win all these points.

Also you will have to defend your net, to avoid getting any goals, because if your opponent will manage to score first those 7 points the game is over. So play some rounds to understand how to play this game better then everyone. If the computer beats you, don’t be afraid because you can try to make that level again. Also at the start of each level a password will appear on your screen. Keep in mind that password or write it down because it can give you the access to your last accessed level. You will use that password at the beginning of the game by pressing the “Password” button and you will go straight to that level.

Don’t forget that you can choose to play these hockey games for kids also in the multiplayer mode. This way the game will be more interactive and funnier. Challenge your friends to play these games to see which one is better at the Air Hockey game.

Air Hockey is a relaxing free online hockey game that you can choose to play on our site. Beat all your opponents at these hockey games for kids and become the king of the ice. Enjoy playing these amazing games only on this marvelous site.