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Ice Shuffle


Are you ready for the ultimate trend in free ice hockey games? Get yourself prepared because the game you will play is not like any other ice hockey games that you played before. When you say ‘’free ice hockey games’’ the first thing that comes in your mind is players with skates in their feet sliding quick on the ice looking to put the puck in the opponents team goal.

The name of the game is Ice Shuffle and you will have a pleasant surprise when you start playing! You will see that Ice Shuffle is one of the most interesting free ice hockey games in the sense that you won’t play actual hockey… the game is quite different than what you are used to. It had similarities with the classical online table hockey games in terms of the manner of playing, but it is different as a whole. 

The point of Ice Shuffle is to place the pucks on the marked circles in order to gather points. On each level you will need to score a certain number of points to pass to the next level. You will have 5 pucks that you can throw in such a way that you manage to land some of them on the marked circles. Each circle has a certain number of points which you can multiply by placing a puck with a higher number written on it.

Although it is quite different from classical free ice hockey games, Ice Shuffle gives the same amount of fun when playing and even more! You will be surprised, if you are a fan of classic free ice hockey games, that you will love this game even more than the ones you got used to. Ice Shuffle is also very easy to ply…just click the puck and drag in order to set the velocity and aim…

So, all I have to say right now is that you don’t have to miss this opportunity and try Ice Shuffle even if at first it sounds so much different than the free ice hockey games that you got used to.