Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Ice Hockey


What do you think about playing the most realistic from all ice hockey games? You will even have a character to play with, a character which you can move around and fight against other teams! If you are a fan of ice hockey games you have to play Ice Hockey! This game will give you the opportunity to play on the ice on a realistic hockey arena. 

If you are in the mood for some action and if you want to see yourself playing among the professionals you made a good choice by trying Ice Hockey. You will see the players dressed accordingly, with skates in their feet and on ice… you will almost feel like watching a real hockey match!

Like most of ice hockey games, Ice Hockey is played with the help of the mouse, this way you will have a bit more freedom than when using the keyboard. Ice Hockey is not so hard to play, you just need to know the rules… and as you think, the rules are a little changed comparing to other free ice hockey games that you have played. The aim of the game is not scoring points, but, this time, you will receive points when hitting the opponent players! Isn’t this interesting? 

It is high time that you take the problem in your own hand and make the other team play for each time you played any kind of sport and you lost! So let us start hitting those players! You will feel so good afterwards! And as you know, the only efficient way to release the stress is by being sure that you win that game…

Ice Hockey is the kind of ice hockey game that you cannot actually loose. The sole point of it is to hit the opponents! So, even if you hit only once and you do not pass the level you are still a winner… so, what are you waiting for? Start playing and even if you are not a fan of ice hockey games, after you have played some rounds of Ice Hockey you will surely start enjoying them.