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Molson Pro Hockey


At these online hockey games your goal is to score as many points as you can. You will use your mouse to control your player. Make the biggest high score at this amazing game and subscribe it to our site to see if you are the best at these games.

Move your mouse side to side on the screen to position your player, and then press the left mouse button key to shot the hockey puck. On the right down corner of your screen a beer will be displayed. That beer is your power meter. As long as you keep pressed the mouse button as much that power meter will grow and your puck will have an extra speed. Also be careful, because if you press your mouse button too long your power will decrease and your puck will go slowly on the ice.

Score as many goals as you can at these new online hockey games to become a pro hockey player. You will have 15 pucks to try to put them into the net. You will have to take 5 shots from the left of the goalkeeper, 5 of them from the right of the goalkeeper and for your last 5 shots, you will be in front of your opponent. The score for this game will be displayed on the bottom of your screen, where you can see during the game how many points you have scored, and which is your final score.

Don’t forget that you can make this game more interactive by choosing to play it against your friends in the multiplayer mode. This way the game will be more challenging and more interesting.

The Molson Pro Hockey game is a live hockey game where you can improve your skills at hockey. Only by practicing some rounds you will be able to make a high score at these new online hockey games, a score that you can submit to our worldwide list of hockey games. Enjoy playing these amazing games only on this marvelous site.